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Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs
Editor: Jeff Madrick, M.E. Sharpe, Inc.
( challengemag@taylorandfrancis.com)

This vital journal gives its readers an independent perspective on economic issues they simply can't get anywhere else. Published six times a year, Challenge presents, in plain English, studies and analyses of the pressing economic problems that we face today; interviews with the most influential (and often controversial) economic and political leaders of our time; book reviews of important works; and compelling policy prescriptions for today's urgent economic issues. For down-to-earth information on the real economic world we live in, Challenge has no substitute.

"Challenge magazine provides an array of insightful and eclectic analyses of current critical economic issues. No other economic publication can match its combination of relevance, readability, and solid reasoning." -Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute

"Challenge is always stimulating, and never boring. Few journals combine relevance with in-depth analysis as it does." -Dani Rodrik, Professor of Economics, Princeton University

"Challenge is the one publication on economic matters that succeeds in being both intellectually rigorous and completely readable. Each issue is crisp, relevant, and thought provoking." -Richard Leone, President, Century Foundation

"Written in a clear, non-technical manner, the articles are by prestigious economists and well-respected scholars, and the editorial board includes several Nobel laureates. ... Recommended for high school, public, academic, and government libraries." -Magazines for Libraries

"There is simply no other way to keep up with the real issues in the ongoing debate on economic policy than to read Challenge. Each new batch of articles provides a useful and important reality check on the way that policy debates are framed by the conventional press. A great antidote for intellectual sterility." -William Wolman, Business Week Magazine
Abstracting and Indexing: EconLit, e-JEL, JEL on CD, International Bibliography of Social Sciences, PAIS International, Proquest Database, and the Wilson Social Sciences Index.

Challenge is now available in the JSTOR Archive as part of the Arts & Sciences IX and Business III Collections.

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ISSN:  Current volume: Frequency Per Year:
0577-5132 Vol. 57 No. 5 (Sept/Oct 2014 - July/Aug 2015) 6

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Editorial Board
Eileen Appelbaum; Kenneth J. Arrow; Barbara R. Bergmann; Jagdish Bhagwati; Alan S. Blinder; Andrew F. Brimmer; Nancy Folbre; Paul R. Krugman; George W. McKinney, Jr.; Lawrence Mishel; Alicia H. Munnell; Dimitri B. Papadimitriou; Dani Rodrik; Robert M. Solow; Joseph E. Stiglitz; Murray L. Weidenbaum

Table of Contents
Vol. 57 No. 05

Letter from the Editor
Want to Attack Inequality? Reduce Unemployment!
Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein 6
The Not-So-Powerful Wizard of Jobs: Job Report for the First Half of 2014
Daniel Alpert 17
Europe in Mid-Life Crisis: A Model for the Future or Permanent Crisis?
Roland Benedikter 33
Seeking a Political Solution to the Economy's Problems
Herbert J. Gans 53
Paid Parental Leave and America's Youngest Poor
Steven Pressman and Robert H. Scott III 65
Afterthoughts on Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century
David Harvey 81
The Banality of a Bureaucrat: Timothy Geithner and the Sinking of the U.S. Economy
John Komlos 87
Book Review
Economics: The User s Guide, A Pelican Introduction, by Ha-Joon Chang
Alex Marshall 100
The Self-Destruction of Humanity Through Overheating the Earth
Mike Sharpe 104


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