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Advances in Management Information Systems

Continuing the tradition of the Journal of Management Information Systems, this strictly refereed series of research volumes represents the field in all its diversity. Featuring brand new material, specifically written for this series, each volume presents both the knowledge about organizational information systems and the methods for creating new knowledge in the discipline. To further the domain’s continuing development, AMIS is designed to serve researchers as well as practitioners.

AMIS publishes several volumes each year, all thoroughly edited by the leading authorities in the various sub-fields of IS. The individual contributions to each volume are carefully written to present an integrated picture of the latest knowledge and research on a particular subject. Each volume features an extensive introduction by the editor(s). Volume introductions present both the domain and the research methods serving to advance it.

The diverse coverage offered by Advances in Management Information Systems reflects the fact that over several decades the IS field has evolved a rich set of unique conceptualizations, methodologies, and literatures. Through its varied coverage, AMIS includes within Information Systems the emerging and maturing areas where the field is a major contributor to knowledge, such as electronic commerce, knowledge management, economics of new technologies, and multimedia information visualization.

The Advisory Board and I invite you to contribute to AMIS and to take advantage of its volumes.

Vladimir Zwass

Praise for the AMIS Serial:

“Vladimir Zwass and M.E. Sharpe have created an impressively wide-ranging and in-depth series of volumes that are a valuable asset to the IS community. The volumes are carefully executed by top people in the field.”
—William R. King, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

“Vladimir Zwass and his team of advisors have created Advances in Management Information Systems to collect some of the finest and most current research in the area in a sequence of focused volumes. While each volume makes a significant contribution to our understanding in a single area, the collection provides a coherent and integrated treatment of this important emerging field.”
—Eric K. Clemons, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“The Information Systems field until now has lacked a series of research volumes that synthesize the full set of contributions in important topic areas—that codify knowledge in the IS field and integrate the important findings on how organizations use IS successfully. This need is now being met by Advances in Management Information Systems, a series published in several volumes each year, by top scholars on the critical IS subjects. These volumes are a solid source of subject knowledge as well as of the research methods for generating new knowledge. Ph.D. students and experienced researchers alike will benefit from AMIS. As an authoritative monograph series, AMIS will extend the field's reach and impact, and shape the future of research conducted in IS.”
 —Bruce W. Weber, London Business School

AMIS makes a major contribution to the Information Systems discipline. The editor and advisory board are some of the top scholars in the field, and each topical volume contains outstanding articles by leading MIS experts. The topics are dealt with comprehensively, noting the concerns and points-of-view of business management and academics alike. The topics are timely and useful—for example, the recent volume on Electronic Customer Relationship Management covers topics of great current interest to U.S. business. Taken together, the serial will advance our knowledge.”
—Bill Brunger, Former Senior Vice President, Network, Continental Airlines

“Stay current and be knowledgeable in the constantly revolutionizing information world with this brilliant series!”
—Andrew B. Whinston, Hugh Roy Cullen Centennial Chair Professor, University of Texas

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